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Nash Varghese

Sales Director

About Nash

Nash Varghese is an accomplished entrepreneur and leader with extensive experience in property management, real estate, and start-ups. With 18 years of industry experience, Nash has developed a passion for start-ups and lean methodologies, which has led him to design a course for the Post-graduate Masters in business.

As the Founder and CEO of a tech-start-up that built SaaS products for medium-to-large enterprises in Australia and New Zealand, Nash focused on driving innovation and sales. He is a highly motivated individual who thrives in leadership and people management roles. Nash has the ability to switch seamlessly between a big picture and a fine details person, but he thrives as the former.

Nash's strong ethical and moral compass is evident in his work environment. He makes concrete business and leadership decisions on a day-to-day basis and is known for being a decisive person. His ability to combine his experience in property management and real estate with his passion for start-ups has made him an asset to any team.

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